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Network Detection and Response Systems

Network Detection and Response (NDR) technology captures, processes and analyzes network traffic to detect and investigate data that could indicate a cyber attack. Typical network detection and response solutions use a combination of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and rule-based detection to detect suspicious activity on corporate networks.


It provides visibility into all ports and protocols and digs deep into traffic to analyze connections, streams, packets and metadata in real time, as well as providing back analysis. Critical to minimizing resolution time for a detected threat, an integrated Endpoint Detection and Response solution can automatically respond to you.


This technology not only provides real-time analysis, but also provides automated, retrospective analysis that gives your security team greater visibility into their systems over the past 360 days and allows them to comprehensively analyze what happened during a breach.


Allows you to delve deeper into your network and Cloud Traffic to detect and respond to malicious activity

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