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Network and Security Devices Risk and Optimization Analysis Service

Privileged access is becoming a more common concept as technology advances and the digitization process accelerates. Privileged access, which means access by specific authorized users and applications to computer systems containing critical data, can turn into a major security threat for companies, as can be understood from its definition. Privileged access, which spans a wide range from databases to middleware, from network devices to cloud services, can be easily seized by malicious people and used to harm companies if not effectively controlled. This is where Privileged Access Management (PAM) comes into play.

Why is Privileged Access Management (PAM) Important?

Privileged access, information of users with PAM rights is always the first target of malicious people, as it provides access to very important resources. This can cause companies to lose financially or in terms of brand image, and to suffer great material and moral damages. In addition, the privileged access right, which can be assigned to non-human users supported by artificial intelligence, can also be defined to joint accounts used to manage a company's social media profiles.

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