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Our quality policy

Adopting the principle of working with well-known brands in national and international markets, Ekon Bilişim undertakes to take its work further within the framework of the following principles, with the Quality Management System created.


Acting in accordance with the Company Principles and corporate identity,

  • Available product range in line with customer requests
    adding new products without sacrificing quality

  • Increasing product and service quality and increasing customer satisfaction
    by providing

  • By complying with the laws and regulations that affect our services at the first degree,

  • By following the innovations and technological developments in our sector,

  • By making continuous improvement a part of every day and every job,

  • By ensuring the most efficient use of all resources with the active participation of all employees,

  • It is not to leave the line of an informatics and security company that adheres to ethical values without sacrificing quality.

General manager

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