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User Activity Monitoring

Security measures such as firewall, IPS, antivirus, intrusion detection modules and SIEM, which are preferred by institutions, organizations and private companies to protect their infrastructure and IT assets from external threats, are vulnerable to internal threats. These measures, which are quite successful against external threats; It falls short of auditing the internal activities of the company. Internal security aspects also need to be complete, as access to IT assets and sensitive data is provided by employees, internal users, and privileged administrators. Because employees can damage internal security vulnerabilities consciously or unconsciously. This can result in the organization's most sensitive data being used for malicious purposes. 100% domestic and nationally designed software developed to protect the infrastructures and IT assets of institutions - organizations and private companies; It helps prevent data breaches caused by employee weakness or internal user. The domestic system, which was developed to prevent companies from being exposed to a risk originating from internal threats, also provides instant monitoring of the activities of each person working within the company in the computer environment. The software developed by Turkish engineers ensures the most effective protection of your company's IT assets.

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