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Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk

SOCRadar Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection Platform

SOCRadar, written by our Turkish engineers, is an early threat and

warning solution.

SOCRadar, cyber attacks and data that can turn into cyber attacks, Deep Web, Dark Web,

Aggregates, artificial intelligence and big data from Blackmarket, Paste Sites, Github and Social Media Sites

Makes sense of the data in thousands of sources in different languages by making use of technology and

turns it into intelligence. In this way, the people responsible for IT and Cyber Security can take precautionary measures against cyber attacks, thanks to the alarms produced by SOCRadar, or they can feed the cyber security infrastructures with this intelligence data and ensure that the cyber security shields are more robust.

SOCRadar, autonomously called the Dark Web and accessed by special methods, data  sharing and social media platforms, stolen data, files, pictures, credit card information, personal data, corporate account information about relevant institutions and organizations. regularly scans and categorizes important keyword information for information or institutions and organizations. It detects all open digital assets owned by institutions and organizations,

It discovers technologies, tags it, and in case of a critical vulnerability, it notifies the relevant people as an alarm.

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