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Siem and Log Management

The human factor is the weakest link in security. All attack vectors use human error. Social engineering, revenge, espionage, a misspelled code snippet… They all target people and their weaknesses.


Siem is as the name suggests. We can say that it is a tool that creates detailed and deeper analyzes of the logs in the systems, which will be translated into a common language, in more meaningful wholes, and reporting options accordingly.


The most important feature of Siem is the correlation technique, which helps to detect  possible attacks  by establishing meaningful connections between seemingly independent events.


Siem transforms the warning messages from many points into a meaningful message type and forwards them to the   Siem manager within the system. The correlation stage on the Siem product helps to detect security threats and take action by associating events from various systems and applications with the help of predetermined rules.


on Siem. aggregation event.  event.n more than one number of events. If the log is kept in this system, it is to reduce the volume of the data to be analyzed by downloading them to a record and to help speed up the operations.

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