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Digital Archive

Registration and protection of the cultural heritage of companies or institutions; backing up information sources produced in a single copy in printed media; providing multiple access to single copy resources; reduction of paper document and storage cost; implementation of enterprise content management solutions; providing archival protection; maintaining the integrity of the digital object and ensuring the display, access and use of resources in the face of changing technology; ensuring that legacy computer systems run on future computer systems; Millions of books, pages, photographs,

It is used to make video or audio recordings and all kinds of files available. It can be easily followed up exactly in which room, in which cabinet, on which shelf etc. the original state of the digitized information is in physical warehouses or archive rooms.

With this application, the basic competencies that the company or institution will gain in electronic records archive are as follows:

• Thanks to the multi-archive management infrastructure, digitization processes can be managed at different levels for different archives at the same time,

• The purpose of using the materials to be obtained can be determined and easily managed from the management interface,

• Thanks to APIs that provide data to different applications, unlimited possibilities for data access are obtained,

• Thanks to the multi-archive system, the quality suitable for the purpose of each separate project can be decided differently,

• Who will use this digital environment and access options can be easily managed,

• What possibilities of digitization will be offered to those who will reach this environment can be managed,

• Since there is a wide variety of digital media storage environments, slow or fast, secure or less secure environments may be preferred depending on the need and cost preference,

• Who will own the copyrights of the digital media can be determined multi-layered,

• By complying with the personal data protection law, the most advanced security preferences can be applied at different levels for each archive.

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