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Educational decisions are the most important decisions that determine the future of the Public and Institutions. We are aware of how important our role is in making these decisions and how big the responsibility this imposes on us.
Based on this understanding, in today's globalizing world conditions, it is our first priority to offer the best options in accordance with the real needs and potentials of our country in the field of informatics and to make the most accurate guidance possible.

Ekon Bilişim A.Ş. works with technology brands that are market leaders in their field in informatics training. The field experience that these leading brands have developed for their technologies is given by high-level, vertical expert consultants.

Our trainings; Certification Trainings can be planned as Special Trainings for Institutional Needs, Classroom Trainings, Mixed Training and On-Site Training.

Certification Trainings:

It is a training program that should be attended by IT personnel working in the IT sector or those who want to do these jobs as a profession. Participants who complete this program can digitize all business processes of companies in order to run them more efficiently and without errors.

Special Trainings for Institutional Needs:

In special trainings, unlike standard ready-made contents, special training contents can be created depending on the needs of your employees. This content may be in the form of a mixture of several different trainings.

Classroom Trainings:

All the trainings in our training catalog are the trainings you can take wherever and whenever you want. Any number of participants can take part in these trainings, up to 12 people.

Blended Education:

Open Classroom Trainings are mixed programs created by participants from different institutions in our center and the dates are determined by us. It is planned taking into account the standard training contents and durations.

On-site Training:

These are the trainings held in the training halls of the Institution by preparing a special content for the institution in line with the needs of more than one participant from the same public institution.

Our Informatics Trainings:

  • System Trainings • Software Trainings • Office Trainings • Security Trainings





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