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Video Conferencing and Online Education

Video Conferencing,  is the name given to the system in which two or more participants exchange data with image and sound simultaneously from different locations. It is a platform with high security technology that allows you to meet and manage your meeting and Online Training needs from a single panel.

Due to the Corona virus that emerged in 2020, many people switched to working from home. Video conferencing programs have started to be used in order to continue negotiations and meetings in the business world.


The use of video conferencing systems for distance education is increasing due to the threat of the virus, remote working and schools being closed. Reducing office expenses with remote working also eases the burden of companies. In addition, business continuity is ensured as a connection can be established from anywhere at any time with video conferencing applications.


The currently used video conferencing system has become a necessity, especially with the virus epidemic. Many companies are switching to video conferencing systems to provide their employees with the necessary infrastructure to work from home. The demand for video conferencing and remote connectivity tools has never been higher lately.

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