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System and Network Service

Ekon A.S. As System consultancy, our main goal is to produce solutions in accordance with the informatics standards of Public Institutions and Organizations, to design them in accordance with the informatics infrastructure and to ensure their implementation.

EKON A.S. With its experienced staff, it meets the needs of IT projects, ensures that they are shaped, managed and commissioned in a cost-effective, up-to-date technology-based manner that can be accepted and operated without any problems. It is ready to offer you the services you need in feasibility studies, business development, project management and inspection.


In addition, it is aimed to produce the IT solution that will best match the business plans and problems of the customers, to reveal the differences between the customer's existing IT structures, systems, processes and the targeted structures, systems, processes, to present the integration needs and to offer improvement suggestions, and/or to ensure that the customer IT systems and processes are nationalized. and we provide services for the inspection of compliance with international standards.


Together with our customers, we define the appropriate roadmap for change and optimize IT operations with best practice reviews.


Our consultants work closely with the client in determining a sourcing strategy suitable for business needs, creating a business model and managing it.


Planning costs, modeling and designs in order to ensure the integration of institutions

Emergency center configuration consultancy and project design

Infrastructure consultancy and projects (application, hardware, network, security, business, datacenter)

Developing customized designs for customers

Consultancy services by using different products and technologies together

Management of your IT budget

Developing medium and long-term IT strategies for your organization

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