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Özgür ve Özgün Çözümlerle Liderliğe Odaklanıyoruz.

Ekon Bilişim is a national company that was established in 2014 with domestic capital, adopting the goals of nationalization in the field of informatics.

The information sector, which continues to grow like an avalanche with each passing day, has come to a position that directs the economy in the world. Considering the point that this developing technology in the world will reach, we accept it as a patriotic duty to contribute even a little to our country's catching up with this progress. Our country, which is willing to integrate into the globalizing world and has taken serious steps in this regard in recent years, has to reduce costs and work hard in priority areas in order to keep up with international competition.

As a country, we must learn to work in unity and solidarity, to be sharing, to reduce foreign dependency, and to support national and local resources.

In line with the goals of nationalization, we should also turn to national and free software in the IT sector. Instead of software with very high license fees, it can be shared transparently. The application of interchangeable free and national software in all public institutions, especially security, emerges as a necessity today.

We believe that honesty and ethical behavior will not go unrequited.

Domestic and national production is the destiny of my country.

Kind regards

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